An Explanation of Therapeutic Services Offered at AYM

For parents of children with autism, finding the right support and therapeutic services is often a top priority. Academy for Young Minds (AYM) recognizes this need and responds by offering a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary therapeutic approach to learning.

Each child receives personalized care tailored to their specific needs. By doing this, we ensure that all aspects of our students’ development, from communication to social skills, are addressed in a nurturing and supportive environment.

AYM’s commitment to individualized care provides our parents with a sense of reassurance, that they are receiving the best care and being provided with an optimal educational environment for their children. 


Multi-Disciplinary Therapeutic Approach

At AYM, the therapeutic approach is multi-disciplinary, combining speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and counseling, enriched with a focus on Behavioral Social Skills training. These therapies are specifically designed to enhance various aspects of a child’s development, including communication, social interaction, academic performance, and daily living skills.

This individualized care is delivered in a variety of settings, tailored to meet each child’s unique learning style and needs, ensuring a comprehensive and holistic approach to their education and development.


Sensory Integration Focus

AYM’s focus on sensory integration addresses the unique sensory challenges faced by children with autism. Understanding that sensory processing issues can significantly impact learning and social interactions, AYM has developed specialized programs within a fully-equipped sensory gym.

This environment is tailored to help students develop core strength, balance, and both fine and gross motor skills, crucial for enhancing sensory integration. These facilities and programs play a critical role in improving behavioral responses, attention spans, language development, and social interaction skills.

Time for outdoor play is also emphasized, as outdoor activities offer numerous benefits, including the development of muscle strength and coordination, as well as the opportunity to make friends and build confidence. 


Social Participation

AYM is committed to fostering social participation among its students, aiming for their successful integration into society. Recognizing every parent’s wish for their child to be accepted, have friends, and lead a fulfilling life, AYM focuses on exposing students to typical classroom structures, curriculums, and social activities in inclusive settings.

The exposure is essential in helping students on the autism spectrum to develop a better understanding of the real world, form lasting friendships, and enhance their social skills. AYM’s Social Integration Partnership Programs are key in facilitating this.

At AYM, we are committed to providing an enriching and supportive environment, where children with autism can thrive and achieve their fullest potential. To learn more about our program, reach out here.